To care about other people

care about others

The fact is known for long time that women differ from men concerning the filtering of information. Information about other people are better processed and memorated by women.

This result has been proofed by 124 participants, who took part in a study of the Michigan-Flint University. Those have been shown video clips, in which a person gave details about oneself: name and age, dates about one`s family, the favorite food, one` s fitness trainer…

Participants had to reply to questions referring to the watched video and details they have heard. Women were the ones, who could remember far better, what the people from the video told about themselves, especially about their family.

The explanation was, that women do not see them as single entities. They come into touch with persons, interact with them, are interested more in other people, think more often about them, put themselves into their shoes, they identify much more with them in different situations. On the other hand, men are interested more in themselves.

Women feel compared to men more responsible for relationships, for the family and other social groups’ wealth. Their brain processes this data better and for this reason, the information about other persons have a higher importance compared to men.

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