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To have the courage

To have the courage

To have the courage

What makes us suffer? What is blocking us? At any given moment, we must have the courage to face what is unbearable. We must examine our fears, our weariness or any other negative state. It takes will and courage. May we are the only ones who can do it. No one can act for us. Let’s face our demons. They are not that bad.

Let’s not give in to laziness

When we realize that our harmful thoughts are starting to invade us, pull ourselves together. Let us mobilize our energy to be aware what our mind is telling us. Let us not reproduce again our old habits of giving in to the mind. Let’s stand up to it. Let’s take a look at what it’s saying that doesn’t belong to us. Let us question it in order to reject it.

Let’s ask ourselves

We must take the time to question ourselves. Why do we repeat patterns that we no longer want? Can we not decide to free ourselves from it? Let’s no longer be attached to past scenarios, dare to open ourselves up to the unknown.

An honest attitude

We feed recurrent discourse. This may be related to unresolved conflicts. For example, our partner wants to go to the movies, but we don’t. Instead of telling him that we do not like it, we give in to his desire. We do this to avoid any friction because at the moment, our couple is a little fragile. This unsaid will fuel all kinds of harmful thoughts. We are going to blame ourselves for our cowardice, we are going to think that we would be poor at home, that our other half is definitely boring us, etc. The relationship may become difficult if we persist in fueling this unspoken. We must therefore react as quickly as possible to prevent the situation from reoccurring and escalating. We have to talk. We must therefore have the courage to face what really scares us: it may be the fear of losing our spouse, the fear of not being raised, etc.

Let us examine our complaints

We are the champions of dissatisfaction. This is why we spend a lot of time fueling criticism. This can be directed at us or directed at others. For example, during our last salary negotiation, we felt that we should have refused our superior’s offer and forced him to offer us a better percentage of sales. We think that we were irrelevant, that we were not sufficiently present or responsive. In short, we underestimate ourselves, which is harmful for our well-being. Is it necessary to review our past behavior in this way? Can’t we stay in the present? Likewise, is it useful to reproach others for their attitudes? Can’t we accept them as they are?

Let’s get rid of our pain

There is only one way to overcome our worries: to face them. Sometimes it is more comfortable not to do this because we are used to it. We know them well. Even if they are painful, we prefer suffering to the idea of ​​having to face them. Our fear of strangers is often the strongest. So, let’s decide not to give in to this laziness anymore. Consider calmly what bothers us. Let us have the courage to look things up in the face.

Have the courage to be alone

It is in solitude that we can discover ourselves and notice our mistakes. Confronting loneliness is everyone’s part. The awakenings necessary to let go take place in our interiority, alone. The decisions to be taken to live in an integrated way are also made alone.


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