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When I started to write on this blog it was a huge challenge for me to decide upon the first topic I should write about. I struggeled a lot how to start and was so excited when I finally wrote my very first article. When I look back now I cannot believe that over a year has past since that moment.

And for this reason I have decided that it is the right timepoint to make a cut and to see which articles were the most appreciated by the readers of my blog. Therefore I took a quick glance into my google analytics account and listed blow the five most read articles of this blog. Hereby I also like to thank you for spending your time here with me and also hope to write other interesting materials in future.

  1. Interview with Web Content Expert Rick Sloboda
  2. The secret of sticking to habits for a long time
  3. 7 tips to cultivate your well-being
  4. Interview with Mr. Shani Raja
  5. Memorable quotes from psychologists` world


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