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We are now in the  week before Christmas and hopefully, you have already found the right presents for dear people.

But I think there are still some people you struggle with what to give to them. For example what to give someone who has started one`s own business, who is a freelancer or a blogger? Or someone who is interested in developing their personality continuously? What kind of presents is useful to them?

In order to give you some inspiration, I like to come up with some ideas for Christmas presents. Those are classified according to the four directions of personality development: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Improve physical well-being 

  • Gym-Pact App: “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” – by installing this app you will be motivated to stick to your gym subscription because you will be rewarded financially if you stick to your training objectives. A perfect give away combined with a gym subscription for a month for example.
  • Hammock: Because sleep quality is essential to having a high performance – the most relaxing sleep is in a hammock because it reduces back pains, especially if you sit a lot.

What about emotions?

  • Aero Garden: A great tool to combine healthy eating by planting herbs in your own kitchen but also in destressing from everyday tasks.
  • Moleskine Notebook: Great for writing about things you have achieved yet and reward yourself for them – your success diary.

Keeping your mind on track…

  • Coursera: The online platform where you can learn new skills with courses – find useful courses and give some licenses as Christmas gifts.
  • The 4-hour workweek: A great book which teaches you how to work less and to produce more.

Spiritual development 

  • Yoga class pass: A efficient way to relax after stressful working periods.

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