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    Train your cognitive ability – MEMORY

    Train your cognitive ability – MEMORY

    This post will describe the overall structure of our memory system. Atkinson & Shiffrin (1968) divide the architecture of memory into three types:

    1. Ultra-short-term memory or sensorial memory for every sensory modality has a very limited storage capacity. It stores the information we receive from our senses for 0.1-0.5 seconds and the entire process happens automatically.
    2. Short-term memory has a very limited storage capacity for a short time period. The capacity is only a few units (4-7) where we remember the information without repeating it actively for 10-20s.
    3. Long-term memory has an unlimited storage capacity for a long time period.

    But how to manage to transport information from our short-term memory to the long-term memory? One method is by repeating information enough times until it is stored deeply in our brain. Another cool strategy is chunking. A good explanation of what chunking is can be found in the following clip:


    Exercise 1:

    For testing your memory you can check the following link, at the bottom of the page you will find the test:

    Exercise 2:

    In order to train your memory, you can have a look here and play the game:

    Both are free of cost and require no registration. 


    If you want to play some more science-based interactive games to train your perception, I want to invite you to make yourself a profile on: 

    They have also a free version, but you can upgrade also to the premium version to make your brain fit like a sneaker!


    Looking forward to reading your feedback in the comment section!


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