Train your cognitive ability – PERCEPTION II

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The last post was all about perception and if I remember correctly I am in debt with some responses to the exercises I included in the last post.

So let us start first with solving the exercises:

Exercise 1: The length of the partitions in each case is the same.

Exercise 2: Even in this case all the thick lines have the same length.

Exercise 3: Both parts of the triangle are equally big.

Exercise 4: In time the circle on the right part of the image disappears.

Exercise 5: The rectangle symbolizes an open and a close door.

Exercise 6: If you turn the picture upside down it will look distorted.


In this post, I want to show you some principles of perceiving in-depth (in space). Our Retina has no possibility to give a response about the form, position, size, and distance between objects. So we need three different cues to perceive in-depth:

a) Monocular Cues (objects you can see with only one eye)

1. Exercise

What do you see in both images?

2. Exercise

What happens with the size of the cylinder at its bottom part?

3. Exercise

How do you perceive the texture of the picture? What do the lines symbolize?

b) Binocular Cues

The optical axes of both eyes meet at the fixation point the Fovea centralis. Our eyes regulate according to the fixation point so that the image is projected on the Fovea centralis, but the images are still different on the retina.

c) Cues your deduce from your own movement

Images from different points of view give us spatial information. According to the movements of the observer, there are continuous changes in images. A good example is the movement of a train in a station. 


Next, we move to the fun part where I invite you to play some interactive games for training your perception!


If you want to play some science-based interactive games to train your perception, I want to invite you to make yourself a profile on They have also a free version, but you can upgrade also to the premium version to make your brain fit like a sneaker!

Looking forward to reading your feedback in the comment section!



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