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    Train your cognitive ability – REASONING III

    Train your cognitive ability – REASONING III

    In this post, I want to share with you some knowledge about analog problem solutions and how to transfer experience/learning between past and newer tasks.  This transfer depends on several factors like:

    • The similarity of tasks (objects, features, relations, operators)
    • The similarity of context (physical context, social context)
    • The interval of time

    The transfer is best when the similarity is big, but the interval short.

    Analog thinking is involving the projection of an initial situation upon a target situation by having some relationships between elements of both situations. The condition for this transfer of knowledge is that there is a similarity between both situations.

    Sudoku is another great way to train your cognitive ability, so I have found a site, where you can find some puzzle games to play with:

    And here are some fun games to train your reasoning capacity:

    If you want to play some science-based interactive games to train your perception, I want to invite you to make yourself a profile on They have also a free version, but you can upgrade also to the premium version to make your brain fit like a sneaker!

    Looking forward to reading your feedback in the comment section!

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