Try to judge less and to be more tolerant

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We always try to judge people by their appearance. At the first sight we always make a categorization according to different criteria if we like the person or not. Everyone of has detains some standards we apply on practice for the person we like to analyse.

For example I do not like people who talk a lot without any content, because they make me tired and consume my energy. For this reason when I come into touch with someone with a “big mouth” I try to be shorter in communication to maintain my comfort and inner peace. Other people probably categorize them according to other criteria I do not like personally. It is my way to judge things “objectively”.

The bad thing is that they might like to be in contact with you but you do not accept them. You should see and find out what are the nice things about people and not always to search for their weak parts. You live according to these standards in which you find no tolerance about ugly and acceptance.

That means that the things you cannot accept stay in your interior and you cannot live with them. You should somehow work at your personality. You have to analyse yourself and to be aware that when you are in a judgement phase in which you criticize people according your criteria try to replace it with another nice one in your opinion.

For every weak part you find in someone search also for a quality. In this way you are able to be more tolerant to see the beauty of people and your own acceptance. You will make the difference that there are not only beautiful or ugly, good or bad, capable or incapable people but that there is a combination of everything inside them. And in the combination of every human is hidden his beauty and uniqueness. Only when you start to understand them you will also be able to accept them.

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