Try to do things you feel you are good at and the other things do not count anymore

Photo by: Marie Leslie

Everyone has his own strengths. When you feel that you are good at doing things, you feel that you are good. It does not count what is happening around you. You focus on what you have to do and you do not care if the product you have created is good or bad.

Because everyone of us feels different from the others the competition sets in normally. In Western culture concurrence seems to be a little bit tougher, because the majority of people from this culture want to feel special, to obtain extraordinary results and to show in front of other people how special they are. Focusing on this standard of supremacy there appear problems brought by concurrence.

For example when a professional musician is compared with an amateur his self-esteem raises but this does not take place when he is compared with a talented musician – in front of this he feels on the same step or even one step behind.

In our universe we like to identify, to get to know the position on which we stand. There are always people who are better than us in doing things, and others who do them not as good as us. But for our self-esteem we do not want to compare with the poorest  but with those who are better than us. By raising this standard, which might be too high for some of us, disappoints us and makes our self-esteem fall dawn.

A human with no self-esteem is a human, whose wings were cut. And what can be worse than telling a human that one is not good for anything.

Sometimes we judge ourselves too harsh and forget that we have to be more indulgent with ourselves, because we are still human beings with normal weak points and faults.

Over time many studies have shown that people who have not judged themselves too harsh have been less predisposed to fears, depressions and doubts.

The self-esteem has to start first of all from you. Take a distance from negative thoughts and feelings that pop up in your mind. To succeed to put yourself into value.

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