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Tutorial: WordPress Dashboard Walkthrough

Tutorial: WordPress Dashboard Walkthrough

So far I am blogging for at least 4 years and using WordPress since I have started this blog. Staying in contact with my readers I have received some questions on how a blog works, especially the technical part of it. So I decided to write a kind of different type of article this time and share with you the essential components of the WordPress Dashboard so that you receive a general overview of how the platform is structured and what its functionalities are. 

First of all, I share with you a screenshot of my Blog Dashboard. 

On the left side, you see the tabs – the most important are: Dashboard, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Plugins, and Settings. 

If you want to see some general information on WordPress, you can access the WordPress Tab.

Through the Media Tab, you can add images, videos, or audio media. 

Depending on the Plugins installed you can see there “Random Content” or a “Store”. 

To add plugins you need for your site choose the “Plugins”- Tab and configure them via the “Settings”-Tab.

On top of your Dashboard, you find the first steps on how to start with WordPress. 

At a glance, you receive information about the number of posts, pages, and comments. 

Do you have an idea on your mind? Use the “Quick Draft” – Tab!

Want to know what is going on in the WordPress community? Then have a look at “WordPress News”!

If you want to have feedback on your activity, then see here: 

I hope this overview has given you a first taste of how WordPress works. So I am curious to find out if this tutorial has helped you in using the WordPress platform. 


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