We are roboters in our lives

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The day which just has started is another day of the week. A day which repeats every week which is coming and at a certain time distance. We live the same days, after that a night of recovery is coming.

If we wish or not, we follow a flow. A continuous flow, we are anchored in according to what we are living. Days and hours of the week, in which we do the same things, we solve the same problems, we make automatically the same mistakes whether we are aware of or not, we bring them to the very end every time.

We function automatically, because focusing on what we are just up for starting things follow the same order every time. The course is always the same, whether you realize or not the order of your activities is organized by a unfolded. An unfolded you have planed on your own to work automatically according to your schedule and depending on the way you live.

There are activities which you do mechanically, because you individually try to adapt to them over time. You follow them. Because they are part of your life and another direction does not fit.  Because the adaptation of another trajectory would chance suddenly the course of your things and would throw you out of your automatic system. Because you are fitting only to a certain system. Because you can work only so. Because you in your activity work only automatically. Because the habit of doing only certain things forms you this way.

It is your rhythm of working mechanically. Beginning from the morning almost always from a certain hour and until night when you might fall to sleep at the same time period.

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