We learn to line up

line up
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We always learn and become aware shocked that we still not know anything. You are since childhood part of an educational system, which starts with kindergarten and ends somewhere if you want to evolve on professional plan in most cases when you finish university or your master degree.

The theory you learn on the school desks does not prepare you at all for life`s struggle. The knowledge you accumulated over the years does not help you in many cases to come through practical situations you are confronted with. Maybe in most cases they open you a door, but you do not know what to do inside. You are exposed to many situations, not having enough life experiences you are still not prepared enough to handle them.

Practically you exit school desks full of theory and of others`theories you accumulated over the time. You have no initiative and power for taking a decision because you do not know where to go. And so you are submissive and line-up with others ready to be employed. And so you a kept like in a whirl, in which your dreams do not correspond anymore with reality. Because they are now so meaningless  and no one besides you is interested in this. You do not have anything to do with them.

You have to be submissive to the system which captures you slowly but surely without taking into account your own person. You are now maybe a number of a sea of numbers, a wheel of a system, which follows specific rules, but not yours. You are submissive and line-up, because you in school have not learned how to survive in the urban jungle, in the economic system, in the relationships with people.

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