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What do you think are the human needs that motivate us to behave in a certain way on social media?

What do you think are the human needs that motivate us to behave in a certain way on social media?

What would our life be like without social media?

How are we in the online environment and how are we in our daily lives?

Has social media taken over our lives without our will?

We are constantly looking for online contacts, sometimes out of the need to deviate from our thoughts and problems.

Sometimes out of boredom.

By instinct.

By reflex.

We are looking to get out of the reality we live in and we are looking for something new, unprecedented on social media.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we are taking a break from the online world, but we come back with the next opportunity, always thinking about an escape and the need to diversify the real world, replacing it with the virtual one.

Why do we share information online?

Sometimes we want to be helpful.

Sometimes we share with the social media community information that we find in the idea that it could be helpful to someone.

And here can be information about a product, a tip, maybe an ad.

Of course, an important aspect is the way in which the content of the information is “packaged” but also the way in which it is filtered by a large mass of readers.

What human needs and behaviors do we encounter in the virtual world?

According to James Currier, who analyzed the opinions of several psychologists regarding their studies, we have at least eight reasons that motivate us to distribute information on social media platforms.

  • The need for status: Here comes the idea of who we are and how we make ourselves “visible” when we appear online.
  • The need for association or differentiation: In the online environment you can be yourself and you can have the courage to say what you feel or what you don’t like.
  • Need to be helpful: We like to share information that we perceive to be useful to others.
  • The need for securityBecause we decide to post only when we want to inform others.
  • Need for order: Because in our psychological world you feel the need for order.
  • The need for novelty: The online environment is the space that leads us to explore the unknown, the space where we have access to everything from entertainment to culture.
  • Need for validation: We expose our successes because the validation from the acquaintances gives us confidence and this determines even an increase.
  • The need for rebellion: Part of us revolts against the rules and the rebel in us does things we know should not be done.

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