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What is your emotional profile? – Test

What is your emotional profile? – Test

Fear, anger or sadness: spot the emotion that overwhelms you most easily and discover the basic need – security, identity or search for meaning – to which it answers.

What is my emotional profile? Test

Scoring points

1 A B C
2 B A C
3 C B A
4 A B C
5 C A B
6 B A C
7 B C A
8 A B C
9 C A B
10 A C B
11 B A C
12 B A C



Majority of A: You are in search of security

Your need to trust others – or yourself – is as strong as your need to free yourself from this bond, which induces uncomfortable, even painful, tugging. To combat this state and protect yourself from attacks on this freedom, you have developed curiosity, adventure, exoticism, but also a sense of observation, attention to detail and imagination.This attention to your safety is undoubtedly directed by past injuries, illness, neglect, insecurity or, conversely, suffocating care and excessive parental expectations. You seek to relieve them, even to cure them. But let it be prevented, and fear sets in. That is a reactive situation a moment in the past when you were unable to trust yourself or others or things, and the defense reaction takes the control: “Courage, we must flee!” Fear acts in you like a filter (danger / no danger), whatever the object of this fear, in the reality of the danger. In short, you are agitated to avoid being injured. 

A word of advice: to find an agreement within yourself between doubt and confidence, breathe deeply. When this movement is done in conscience, it restores self-confidence. Then allow yourself to “feel” the fear that has came up. Not to relive the suffering, but to discover the different reaction options available to you, time for reflection that you have not had in the past because you had to react urgently.


Majority of B: You are in search of identity

You are particularly sensitive to your social image, to the eyes of others and to their judgments. The need to belong to a group and to be recognized is as strong as the need to differentiate yourself within this group, which can expose you to a painful feeling, source of tension and aggression. This concern to assert who you are undoubtedly comes from an “unloved” childhood, from a lack of recognition of your own qualities, from the pressure to have to meet the expectations of those around you. You tend to make up for this lack, even if it means putting pressure on those around you and requiring them to heal your wounds. That a present situation reactivates this happening, and anger takes control: “I must win, prove to the other that I am a good person.” If you are lacking in belonging, you will be tempted to avoid any conflict and do this that others expect from you, even if it means swallowing your personal opinions and judgments. On the other hand, if you lack distinction, you will not hesitate to impose your point of view, even if it means creating enmities. Either way, anger will stiffen you to refuse failure.

A word of advice: find a way to assert your tastes and affinities, without fear of damaging your bond with others. Share your joys and your sorrows, recognize your skills and your limits, learn to evaluate yourself to esteem yourself, realize that your difference can enrich you as well as enrich the community.


Majority of C: You are in search of meaning

The need to understand everything prompts you to introvert and search for keys that will give meaning to your life. Avoid dangers, appease conflicts, seek fluid communication, even if it means sacrificing your own aspirations: here is what you like. You adapt willingly to your environment, developing qualities of listening, tolerance, concentration. Complexity can lead to difficulty in existing. You prefer to take initiatives intended to do good to others, because your pleasure goes through “making it happy”. And if that doesn’t go well, you feel guilty. You over-adapt, even if it means canceling yourself to the point of falling into a depressive state, or even falling ill. All of these body messages can alert you to your need to exist as you are!

A word of advice: our existence is based on two pillars, the feeling of our security and the conviction of our intention. Take on your own the advice of the two previous profiles and dare to venture with very small steps towards the novelty: dare to say no, dare to assert yourself different.

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