Personal Development
What makes the soul strong

What makes the soul strong

Accept what is now

Job gone? Man gone?Yes, something like that is bad.But we only find our way out of the crisis when we accept the situation.Fighting with it only saps energy. Tip: Write down what is worrying you and why.

Then go through each point and imagine what changes for you when you accept things. And? Would you rather have joy and freedom or continue to be angry?

Totally trust yourself

Turn the doubting voice of your inner critic or other people’s destructive criticism of you into Power phrases. For example, “I’m not that important” becomes “I’m valuable.”

Shaping the future

We determine the route for our future life ourselves. But in order to be able to head for our goal, it has to be clear. Important: It should be positive, achievable, measurable, terminable so that it can be divided into stages. Example: instead of,, I don’t just want to spend the evenings on the sofa,, better concretely:,, I want to meet friends two evenings a week ,,.

Search for solutions

These questions will help: 1. What is my goal? 2.Where is my potential? 3. What do I need, how do I achieve it? 4. Which paths are open to me? 5. What do I have to consider when implementing it? 6. Which first step do I have to take to reach my goal? And what does the next step look like?

Be confident

Anyone who says yes to themselves and to life also knows that every crisis will pass. The rule of stages also helps in difficult phases: crises and mountains have something in common. At first they look massive and indomitable. That is why optimists and mountaineers only orientate themselves towards the next milestone.

Take responsibility

Those who do not quarrel with fate, but leave it as a victim, find the strength to improve their situation themselves. Only those who actively tackle problems can solve them and change something in their lives.

Feel the power of friendship

Good friends and family give us support. But not everyone we know is also a good friend. Tip: Draw a social network. To do this, draw a circle for yourself in the middle of a piece of paper, because circles around you that stand for the others. Now evaluate your connections: who strengthens you(+) ? Who weakens you(-)? And then: Which contacts should you reduce, which ones should you grow? Think how?