What would happen if Facebook or Google disappeared next day?

Facebook Google disappeared


Everywhere you look people are staring on their phones, typing in messages, taking selfies – on the way, at the bus stop, at the train stop, while driving, while eating while working… it is like crazy. 

Sometimes I ask myself what would all those people do if Facebook or Google suddenly disappeared from our lives? How would you react? What would you do with all of your free time? 

The people’s free time without Facebook or Google would sound something like this…

  1. Lose years of photos, memories, and messages
  2. Less time spent on social networks, blogs
  3. No more playing games on Facebook
  4. Lose online friends and business connections 


But in exchange they would have more time for...

  1. More time for family and real friends
  2. More time for hobbies
  3. Attention shift to your own personal development and learning
  4. Better sleep quality
  5. Time for practicing sports
  6. Time for writing a journal, book or else
  7. Have overall a life of higher quality
  8. Engage in social activities 
  9. Learn to have fun without spreading the word what you are doing at which moment
  10. Understand the true meaning of … Mindfulness.

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