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Like in everyday interactions personality plays a key role in the way people interact with each other.

There are people, who meet for the first time and are able to build a relationship from scratch. A good example I can give just happened shortly: my mom and I went to the hairdresser to have a nice haircut. There was also another woman having made a fancy new extravagant color. At the first sight the woman seemed to be quite distant and having a superior air. But hearing that my mother spoke in German to the hairdresser (we live in the french speaking area of Switzerland), seeing her to be open-minded, friendly and a nice communication companion, it made her also to open up and to bring herself into the discussion. By the end of our visit there, my mother and the woman were almost friends.

Other people try to understand each other, but they are not compatible at all and their communication does not work. They speak, but do not come to a common basis.

Similar to everyday life in selling situations you as a seller will find buyers, which you are compatible with and others whom you cannot understand with.

Nevertheless there are some hints you can bear in mind, which can help you categorize different buyers:

  • Buyers, who know what they want are more difficult to convince than naive customers
  • Buyers with a low self-esteem are easier to convince and those with a middle self-esteem are more predisposed to manipulation
  • People are more involved, if the decision is a important one, addresses also other people and the higher the price of a good
  • Take a look at the following chart to get more details about buyers` personality and their behavior at shopping:
Emotional Labile Buyer Emotional Stable Buyer
Extrovert Buyer Very exchanged oriented: if you treat those with friendliness they will be thankful and want to give back. If you are unfriendly with them they react with anger and persistence. They get distracted by emotional discussions, perceive neutral discussions as objectively.
Introvert Buyer Reward Oriented: Friendliness makes people proud and to insist. Unfriendliness evokes fear and need of giving back. They get distracted by emotional discussions, perceive neutral discussions as objectively.



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