Where has remained my dream?

Photo by: Neshika Bell

Where have I remained? Where do I stay? In the amalgam of remained and continued information and left over again we find no courage to follow them. I hesitate, I loose myself and hesitate again. I have no courage to do more. I look lost, I cannot gather myself. I try to do something but do not know what. I want to start from where I stand. I start to put the pieces together what I still have and what has remained. It is difficult, because what I have is in “many ways” totally not interesting, without value. What can I build with them? I am unskilful at the beginning, not experienced at all. Now I start to build something. I try to work with what I have. I have courage to conquer my fear that I will not do well what I do. The fight with myself to conquer this fear is tough.

In time I have the one or another victory, a step which is rising slowly over my horizon. A horizon which I restrict. The thought of failure makes me hesitate. For how many times did I start all over again? For how many times did I have this courage?

And when I think back and then I had the strength to start from where I left things behind this means I have still the power to fight. If the things that I do are only mediocre or of bad quality this is only a part of my weakness which I should accept. How many times have I heard that all people had a bad beginning.

This encourages me that everyone started like me from the bottom line. Everything stays in persevere in to believe in you. Do not forget to follow your dreams! Do not suspend them! Try now to believe in yourself and your dreams! Make now a step towards them! And do not forget to hesitate! This makes you to start all over again with more soar!



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