Which reasons do you have to smile every day?

reasons smile every day
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In reality, there are uncountable reasons, which can bring you to smile

  • To read a good book
  • To prepare a good dinner
  • To take a walk in the city with no direction
  • To meet a friend to have a drink at the end of the day
  • To watch the sky
  • To be able to meditate daily
  • To profit from the shining rays of your face every night
  • To walk in front of a mirror to reward yourself, thank yourself
  • To think about people, who have brought you something positive in the day and to help you to offer yourself a bright smile for the day you have gone through
  • To lay on your bed with a smile and a good feeling to sleep more relaxed. This positive energy gives you a lighter, deeper and a more qualitative sleep
  • To find things, which bring you into harmony with yourself: respect for you and other people, what gives your life a sense, gentleness, altruism
  • When your smile is only a surface one, it will become in time a force of practicing a “positive attitude”, an automatism, a new way of functioning for your brain, a positive thinking, a pleasant way of looking at things from your life

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