Which security settings are necessary on Facebook?

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Facebook is a great social platform to socialize with friends and family but also for business purposes. You can easily post photos, videos, articles or status within seconds and give others an insight what you do at the moment and how you feel.

Like in real life, you want to take care of intimacy and personal data, so also in case of Facebook you should have a closer look at its security settings which are called “privacy settings” in order to display the content you want only to the people you wish to see it.

Set up a strong & secure Facebook password:

Go to your Facebook settings tab and click on “Security and Login” – there you can change your current password, by choosing a strong combination of numbers and letters, but also there you can enable 2 Factor Authentication, where you register your phone number as a security method for every time you login to your account.

Limit access only to the target audience you wish to:

Think whom you like to show what you publish: Is it for business purposes? For friends? For everyone who accesses your Account?

Switch now in the settings menu on “Privacy settings and Tools”: Decide whom you display “your future posts”.

Decide every time you post something:

After you finish with the message you want to express and ready to post it on Facebook consider before, whom you want to see this specific post. Here you can benefit from additional control by clicking on the dropdown menu left to the “post”-button. So there are no bad surprises even in this case.

Think of Search engines

Now it is time to think of who you want to to find you on Facebook. Decide if you want to be found by the email address you have provided, by your phone number or that your account is linked to search engines.

Check your Facebook apps:

In many cases you register for a new service online or want to buy something you are offered the possibility to connect with Facebook. Check on the left sidebar in Facebook which personal information they access and untick everything you are not content with. In case this does not work, eliminate the apps totally.


I hope you have already opened your Facebook and started to verify your security settings. In case you have not proceeded yet, I encourage to do so and to give also this post a share on Facebook. Thank you!



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