Why breaks are so important when you build a new habit

breaks habit

We all have dreams and aspirations, passions and interests. I think at least you have a list of things in your mind, which you would like to learn in near future.

Nevermind if you are thinking about learning how to dance or a new language, or learning to play an instrument … a new habit requires beyond a regular exercise of new skills also to schedule regular breaks between your learning sessions.


You will learn quicker and motivate you. Breaks are necessary to transfer the new information from the short-term to the long-term memory and to consolidate the newly accumulated knowledge in your brain. Sleep (our night break) is especially important in this process.

And even if you are interested to learn many things at once, it is far better to start with learning one single new thing and after this has become a habit to start with the second one and so on. You will recognize a habit as an activity you do naturally without a need to spend conscious attention for it.

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