Why I do not use a business card

business card

In the past, I have always considered designing an eye-catching business card before going to an event. I considered this a must preparation task and invested a lot of time and testing in order to figure out the best version. Finally, I was never fully content with the end result but took it with me on the big day to have something to hand over to the other person I was talking to on the stands.  But the end effect was every time the same, business cards brought to me no benefit.

Therefore I figured out, why I do not want to use a business card in the future. 

1. Relationships between humans count more than a little fancy piece of paper

Every time you handle out a business card to someone unknown you raise the expectation of obtaining something in exchange. This is of no use for both sides. Try instead another strategy: Focus on delivering long-term substantial value to the other person and gain his or her trust by helping to solve problems. Remember, if someone is truly interested in building a relationship with you they can store your contact info also on their phone.

2. Be a special person instead of an empty cover 

Expose your extraordinary business. What you are doing and what makes it so special. Present therefore yourself as a person in the front line and build a personal relationship. This is also called personal branding.  After that, you go into the second stage in starting to sell your business. Make them addictive to your products. How? But making cristal clear how you help them to make their life/business more efficient and valuable.

3. Get rid of business cards otherwise, you get lost in the mass

It is more useful for you that people remember you like your person and your business. So in this equation, there is no need for business cards. Save paper and make yourself a remarkable appearance. Invest your time and energy in what matters and do not waste paper and time on things of no use.


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