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Why let go?

Why let go?

Effects on the body

Letting go allows you to relax. Let tensions subside. The body, too, is relieved. The breathing is calm, regular. It is enough to listen to your body to realize it. Letting go immediately results in bodily well-being.

Interior calm

Letting go of course acts on the mind. By letting go of all unnecessary links, the mind becomes silent, the mind feels calm. The effect is immediate. When the mind calms down, the letting go has been done. Is it not better to live a peaceful life than to be agitated by the mind? When we live in a state of internal peace, we can then focus our gaze on what is around us. It is an openness to beauty. If we stay in touch with our concerns, we do not see the outside world, even if we look at it.


Letting go leads to inner relief. By letting go, what bothers us no longer exists. We are finally out of this prison. After all our internal debates, we can breathe again. Our tensions fly away. We are rid of what tortured us and that soothes us deeply.


Letting go gives us access to the totality and depth of our being. It is by seeking this state of inner well-being that we can know our self, that is to say our essential nature. We feel united, whole. We are in our rightful place. It is a pleasant and comforting feeling.


By breaking the bonds that keep us from being well, the weight we suffer goes away. We are free. It is a joyous release. By letting go, our addictions disappear. We become free beings.

A feeling of lightness

As we get rid of everything that slows us down or poisons our existence, we find that all this weight is really useless and that it is easier to continue our journey lightly.


The more we let go of what blocks us, the more confidently we move forward in life. Nothing scares us. We calmly welcome the events that present themselves to us.

Healthy relationships

When we are in letting go, we more easily accept the little faults of our fellow human beings. We are more forgiving. We do not blame them unfairly. We accept it as it is.

An opening

The less we control things, the more likely our actions are to succeed. For example, to obtain accommodation, we submit an application file: once we have submitted it, do not think about it. Let’s be confident. By having an open attitude, we allow things to happen.

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