Why should we train our brain fitness with games?

brain fitness games


Cognitive Psychology is the science that describes the process of perception, memory, learning or problem solution. 

Cognitive Science says that our mind processes information in stages from the step we get in contact with the information from the environment, perceive it, transfer it into our memory and retrieve it from according to our goal, so it is often compared to the functionality of a computer. 

How does this work?

Our mind analyses the stimuli from the environment and selects what seems important, this information is transferred to the internal storage (memory) and a mental representation of the world is created to process the information easier. Lastly, the brain prepares to react appropriately to the stimuli in reality. Shortly the mind inputs, stores and outputs data. 

A good example is a chess game: When we are playing chess our mind creates a mental model of what we see which means the chess table and figures – so we try out firstly in our brain the possible next moves before we put them into practice. 

Like a computer, our mind has only a limited capacity for processing information, so it is no wonder, that we also forget information we do not use from time to time. 

In the following articles, I want to create a series of more depth information articles to give you, on one hand, an insight into topics of perception, attention, cognition, problem solution, logical reasoning and taking decisions. On the other hand, I want to include also training materials in forms of scientific activities and games you can practice regularly to strengthen your cognitive abilities efficiently. 

The idea behind this is that your brain works similar to a muscle – like you make fitness exercise for your entire body, you are also able to train your brain. If you manage to train your cognitive abilities daily for 10 minutes, you will be able to keep your brain fit. 

Some reasons to make a habit of training your brain: 

  • Our brain gets older, so you must invest time and energy to maintain its activity
  • By training your brain, you can boost mental performance
  • According to the activity of your choice, you can develop some regions of your brain more than others 
  • Fluid intelligence drops with age, Crystalline intelligence stays stable – by training cerebral abilities you can boost your fluid intelligence and transfer newly learned skills to other abilities and develops them further on (according to the scientists of Michigan University)
  • Protects against mental disorders like Alzheimer 

So take this journey with me and let us experiment the way we can make our brain healthier but also more productive and creative!

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