Win deception to get over it

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A deception is sometimes a trauma, “a precious good created by wish and hope is broken within us”, extirpated. Make between you and deception a border stone and limit the shock razes.

Regulate your ideal, your attention

It is true hope makes you live: to believe that a love fusion with an eternal friendship, a professional model. But we can also bring this to delusions. The difference between our believes, our attention and reality are bigger compared to the deception.


The development of our emotional intelligence consists in knowing our emotions in order to modulate them. When the deception comes up, it is still a new history bound to our attention and beliefs. We have to give us time to analyze what has happened and this permits us not to fall into the same traps. Depection on its own is not positive as it is and it permits us to adjust our attention.

Learn to modulate your emotions

A great delusion pushes us into an emotional hurricane. The heart is dominated by anger, hurt and resentment and it is difficult to see the horizontal line. Only when you decrypt the dominant emotions it indicates us the sensible point, which we want to work with.


Discover your emotional intelligence, which consists in recognizing emotions to modulate them. When the emotion reflux kicks in you can feel like “restored”, so it can be said to come closer to owns own person.

Restore your self-esteem

The most sensible within a deception is a low self-esteem. This accentuates the dependence on others and on how one is seen. A low self-esteem is a double source of delusion: The one to generate unreal attention and the other to put yourself in a position of fragility with others. And this not to reassure a compliment, an approval from the others.


The consolidation of self-esteem needs to regulate some accounts but also their history. Therefore a psychotherapy is a privilege, the hint from the specialists in the same measure to remediate the problems of a better measure: to read, to visit museums, to stay on your own and meditate… but not at all to hinder the relations with other people, this occasions, which help to assure the psyche, the inner breath expands our free space, our independence.

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