Top 5 winter vacation tips to spend a great end of the year!

winter vacation tips



The winter holidays are coming closer, it is mid of December and many people are planning to spend their Christmas days and New Year’s Eve in a different place then they are the whole year. Some even argue that if New Year finds you at home, you will also spend your whole year there. So they want to avoid this totally.

In Brazil, there is the habit of packing your bags at New Year’s Eve and to walk with them on the streets to make sure that you will travel a lot during the next year.

So if you also count yourself between those people or already have reserved your vacation rentals I want to share with you some tips to make your planning easier.

Winter Vacation Tips

Here are my Vacation Tips:

1. Make yourself a plan but stay flexible

When you plan a trip there are factors you can control but others are not in your power, for example, your health, bad luck, unexpected situations in your family or in the world. So plan as much as it is possible but try not to stress you out when things do not work out as you expected. Stay cool, keep calm and make the best of the situation. 

2. Make copies from your documents

It is always useful to have a backup solution for accessing your most important personal documents. If you lose your originals you will be always sure about not blocking yourself out in a foreign country. 

3. Pack intelligently

The more you travel the easier you will find it to pack your things, because you will need less time to find the essential pieces you need to carry with you. Which are the essential things you need for the duration of your vacation?

4. Make a photo of your destination address

Until you set down at a stable place you might not have everywhere an internet connection to check for your emails in order to see booking confirmation or the destination address. So it might be a good idea to digitize them via a photo.

5. Ask the locals about vacation tips

The locals are the best run-to-point when it comes to information for touristic hotspots, best restaurants or best shopping deals because they know better compared to what google can display you. 


I think these are the essential five tips I want to share with you when it comes to vacation. And the last tip: enjoy yourself!


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