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Work: ambition in 3 lessons

Work: ambition in 3 lessons

Ambition can carry you to the top, if you use it wisely on your ascent. But it can also push you to crush others, forgetting your humanity. But how to dose? How to make good use of it?

As psychiatrist Neel Burton recently reported to Fast Company, people who are ambitious have a higher level of education, but they will also have higher incomes. Since they dream big, they build bigger careers, and reach higher places more easily. And inevitably, since they tick the boxes of their to-do-list, they obtain a higher level in terms of daily satisfaction.

“A healthy ambition”

Having ambition, yes, but you still have to cultivate a healthy ambition. For that, you have to succeed in mastering your share of darkness, which would push you to crush others in order to be able to succeed. Out of the question to crush his colleague or his colleague to reach the top of the podium. You have perfectly achieved your goals without destroying those around you.

How to do?

According to entrepreneur Derek Sivers, the most important thing is to keep your goals secret. Nobody needs to know that you dream of becoming the new Bill Gates. Thus, by keeping your secrets, you will attract less covetousness and will thus be much more serene. Indeed, revealing your goals considerably reduces the chances of seeing them become reality…

To achieve your goal, you must follow several steps:

Step 1:

Take risks

You know the saying “you get nothing for nothing”. You will necessarily have to go beyond your limits, get out of your comfort zone and overcome certain fears. To become a “healthy” ambitious person, you will have to cultivate your relationship with others, be open to dialogue, even with strangers, because this will necessarily open new doors for you.


Step 2:

Ditch the competition, go for the action!

It is better to act healthily than to react because your colleague has just had the idea of the century and you want to do better. Stop thinking: it is right time to act. For you, not for others.


Step 3:

Surround yourself with the right people

People who are like you, creative, ambitious, intelligent and caring. Be friends with people you admire, have mentors, allies who will push you up, and set aside those who envy you and pull you down.


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