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We see people who are really good at what they are doing either in their professional life or as a hobby. There are great singers, dancers, painters, photographers, writers, artists, we admire and feel inspired by their activity.

But what does it need to really excel in a domain of activity?

There have been conducted numerous studies, some of them tell us that we can achieve every performance through assiduous work. Others concluded that you still need a gram of talent to be able to stick to the activity for a longer time period to achieve the level of expertise you wish. Because as long as you do not feel that you have an inclination in a field and do not feel rewarded, you will stop doing it. So in a way or another you need both: talent and hard work.  And besides that you need passion.

Why passion is essential for motivation and joy

Generally, we count two types of passion:

A good, relaxed form of passion, in which we make a lot of experiences and which is a harmonic part of our personality. Activities we do passionately help us to learn more things because we get in a state of flow and forget how time runs. Nobody has to force us to follow the action, the motivation comes on its own.

The second type is called obsessive passion because we use it as a form of escape in bad periods of our life and do not care about anything else. Passion becomes rigid, inflexible and persistent. We are slaves of this passion, addicted to it to be able to feel good. And we are not open to experiment and to learn new things, we are stuck in the level of achievement.

There is also the possibility of living without passion. This kind of life is quite monotonous. So, in this case, put yourself a series of questions to find out what makes you happy:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I like?
  3. What are my strengths as a person?
  4. Which activities fit that strengths?
  5. Which activities did you enjoy doing as a teenager?



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