Yoga of the eyes…4 reasons to try this out

yoga eyes


To make a break during the day, you win vitality and it is positive for your body: the Bates method improves the sight and not only this.

What is the Yoga of the eyes?

The Bates method is a practice to heal the sight in a natural way. It combines different activities (with the eyes, head, hands…), destined to strength, relax and to remediate sight. This method is addressed to all persons, who wish to take care of their sight, who have or not visual impairments.

1. Avoid eye fatigue

Because of computer work with numerous screens, we have a central view on them almost all the time. If you consider work, which you do with the eyes, take care of your sight and reduced eye fatigue and also the general extenuation.

2. Get rid of the tensions

By turning your head, breath, look in the wide, this helps you to diminish mental tensions and leaves a place for a profound relaxation. The problems of sight are linked to mental tensions. We do not see with the eyes but do this with the brain. And by putting our eyes on pause, we solicit the body in a different way and permit to an overall wellbeing experience.

3. Relieve Discomfort

People blink a little less than 40 times per minute. In front of a screen, this number reduces to the half. Move the eyes into another way and give them a break during the day. This will renew the blood circulation, helps to avoid dehydration and oxygens the eye region. Blink as often as you need to!

4. Enhance eye mobility

From the first session an amelioration of eye mobility has been proofed and an overall vitality. To keep your eyes fixed in a threat for the sight. It lasts 6-8 sessions to be able to discover the principal activities and to build them into a daily routine.


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