Your own acceptance

Photo by:Chris Denton

There is a dream. There is a reality. And there is a connection between dream and reality.

Moreover there is something lost on the way of dream and reality. It is that delimitation, which we are not aware to make it at the right moment. When the dreams take on the reality.

Because we run to fulfill our ideals. A run, in which we get lost ourselves. We get lost in details.

But the essence for which reason we jump into the whirl remains somewhere above and untouched. Because we do not have the power to reach to it.

What counts, if you choose from many things the only one, which is essential for you?

You start to filter them, but maybe the result for you is one, which does not bring satisfaction to you. It does not count how much you turn everything, there is always an “if”.

There is no recipe. There is no way, on which someone could give advice. There are motives.

There are aptitudes for getting over the lived disappointments and objectives, which want to be attained. There are files, which still want to be turned and leafed.

There is acceptance, but from all the gone acceptances the most difficult is the one of accepting yourself. You as you are.

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