Yoga, a holistic approach

    Relaxation of the mind One of the main goals of yoga is to calm and clarify the mind. The human brain is constantly active, filled with emotions and thoughts which, moreover, can often become overwhelming. At all times, people have needed moments to isolate themselves, to take a step back, to calm down …

    To have the courage

    To have the courage What makes us suffer? What is blocking us? At any given moment, we must have the courage to face what is unbearable. We must examine our fears, our weariness or any other negative state. It takes will and courage. May we are the only ones who can do it. No one can act for us. Let’s […]

    What is overfitting?

    Models that are not always essential guide us Behind the little used term of “overfitting”, there is a widespread evil today. This evil is to live according to what society expects of us and not according to our desires and our personal needs, which are set aside to prioritize collective needs.