Finding yourself and with others – Part I

    Do you love your body? Do you know how to assert yourself? Are you looking for security, identity or meaning? What role do you play in your family, with your friends? That of a victim? tyrant or judge? Now is the time to take a point. With yourself and with those around you. Without concessions, but always with indulgence. And […]


    Be grateful for what you have As we have already mentioned, yoga aims to bring us back to a goal of well-being through detachment, letting go is learning to live, feel, take full advantage of every moment.

    The contemplation

    Finding the right medium of contemplation Interestingly, the notion of contemplation in yogi philosophy is that it is more complex to grasp than the almost simplistic image we have of it. It is part of a halfway point where there is neither a question of passivity nor a question of intellectualization. It is, in a sense, on the side of […]