Which hobbies do successful people have?

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Hobbies are important in our life – besides working, eating and sleeping – they offer us a work-life balance we need in order to relax and find our power. It is said, that if we copy the habits of successful people, we will become also successful in what we are doing. So why do we only look at their work habits and neglect their relaxation habits? In the following article, you will find inspiration for successful people` favorite hobbies.

My Top 10 guilty pleasures

guilty pleasures


It is the beginning of August and many of us are already relaxing in their holidays or at least expecting to go on a nice vacation. In this time of the year, people feel like having a nice time and recovering from all year stress. So the majority of us  will also permit oneself a guilty pleasure. It is important to give yourself also time periods in which you simply leave your guard down and reward yourself for what you have obtained during the year.

How to find time to write on the blog

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Since I have started to blog (about 3 years ago) I found it difficult to maintain a periodicity in writing. There were periods at the beginning of my blogging activity when I wrote 2-3 articles once but with the organization of other projects, I recognized that it is quite difficult to post regularly. So I tried different strategies out to see how I can find time to write on the blog and in this article I want to share them with you:

7 reasons to take a break from Social Media

break social media


A few days ago, I discovered again, how much we depend on Social Media – Facebook and Instagram failed to load the pictures people posted there, and the platforms looked quite wired, people started to blame themselves for not uploading pictures correctly, or for their weak internet connections. Finally, there came information that there is a problem with both platforms. It felt quite strange to leave Facebook and Instagram aside and find something else to do. Maybe this is the right sign, to make us aware that we need to take a break and detach us from Social Media. Moreover, because this is holiday time and we need to re-learn to enjoy what surrounds us at a certain moment and to spend nice time with dear people instead of checking curiously what is new in our accounts.

How social media can help in your learning process


Recently, I have discovered that there is a new trend in the use of social media. One TV interview has revealed to me that children use nowadays social media to understand the material presented in school more efficiently – social media offers them the possibility to rewatch videos on Youtube for so many times until they understand everything, or they can ask other students in groups questions. Even for online course creators, the connection with social media is useful because in that way they can keep in contact with their students and respond to questions or deliver supplementary material to their course.