5 benefits of a controlled breath

benefits controlled breath

If you make yourself this daily ritual also called cardiac coherence, it permits you to say “bye -bye” to tensions. The beneficial effects of a controlled breath are felt rapidly…from 7 to 77 years.

What is this?

A controlled breath is a relaxation technique, which permits you to control and to relax heartbeats through a rhythmic breath. It calms the heart, which is the first organ that reacts to emotions, calms the mind and you can find your inner peace.

1. It strengthens the connections

Studies have shown that the secretion of oxytocin raises, the neurotransmitter, which is connected to attachment and affection for our family.

2. It reduces stress

This practice raises the alpha waves within the brain, which helps to regenerate.

3. It makes you losing weight

The sensations of hunger, saturation, and satisfaction depend on emotions. The cardiac coherence changes and regulates better the sugar level, cortisol and of the neurotransmitters.

4. It helps you to stay young

A regular practice favors the rise of DHEA, which is the “hormone of youth”. Its level sinks together with age. At 50 years it is only half compared to that one of 20 years old.

5. It fights hypertension

It raises the synthetic hormone level from the heart (FNA), which actions to eliminate the salt from the urine and from the diameter of the blood vessels reducing hypertension.

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