About Ads: The 7 most common promotion methods

ads promotion methods

Advertising is an art, which expresses a message with images and words and if it is done smart, it will convince people to buy.

Nowadays this can be pretty difficult because consumers are overwhelmed by information, which is delivered to them via Mass Media so that only 1-2 percent of ads are really remarked by people.

It is not only caused by the variety of ads, but also by the large variety of products you find on the market, which is very similar in their quality so that it is pretty difficult to create an outstanding product.

So what can marketers do if they want to launch a new product on the market? Which possibilities do they have?

A good start might be to get an overview over the possibilities you have for promoting the product. There are 7 most common promotion methods: Special Prices, Contest, Product Samples, Additions, Personal Sale, Merchandising Methods, and Publicity. You find them also listed in the infographic above, where you also find examples for each promotion method.

And then… the more difficult part is to promote a high-quality product with ads that touch people emotionally… But this is another story…

If you want to find out more about this topic, have a look at:

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And finally, I would be really curious to find out, which of the promotion methods you have already used to market your product? Which worked? Which not? Please leave a comment in the field below.

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