About artificial light in shopping locations

Photo by:Lisa Norwood

Light is life. Light is existence. Light is hope. Light is security. Light is emotion…

We cannot live without light. When there is no natural light in gloomy autumn and winter days, we adore to sit in our houses with a cup of tea at the lights of our favorite lamps. Danish people have a very long winter, so they have adapted to this by hygge. As a part of their culture they meet with family and friends at one house, drink tea, cook and sit together at the light of some lamps. These nordic european values are reflected by the products the IKEA store.

It is always a pleasure to discover the new product the Swedish furniture store offers, and I am always fascinated by their variety lamps, with different forms, colors and lights. It gives me a positive feeling and fills me with positive emotions every time I walk there through and I can hardly resist not to buy another lamp. Generally, light has a positive impact on our psyche and it influences our behavior at shopping in a positive way:

  • It makes us feeling comfortable
  • We tend to stay longer in places, where we perceive the light as pleasant
  • We have rest to explore the products we see in a more detailed manner
  • We perceive red light as warm and blue/violett light as cold
  • We are motivated to buy immediately, when the room is enlighten with blue lamps
  • Red light activates us the most whereas green light the less
  • Blue and soft light gives the impression of a high price shop, if there is also classical music in the background
  • A shop with orange light and modern music is often seen as a discount shop


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