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This article is for you if you consider publishing a guest-post (an article) on  I have listed here the conditions for posting a guest post.

  1. The author of the article should have a positive or at least a neutral reputation.
  2. The article should contain a minimum 700 written words. It should be written correctly. Please verify it before you send it to me.
  3. The article should be a guest-post, not an advertorial. You will provide useful content, not promote a service or a product. At the end write 2 paragraphs about you/ your blog. A guest post is written by a blogger, not a company. If you are a company you can promote your products/services on this blog via advertorials, banners, or eMail marketing. Please contact me here for discussing this possibility…
  4. Be original. The same article should not be published anywhere else.
  5. It should be a good fit for this blog (positive, constructive, practical advice).
  6. The most important is, that the article is well written and interesting for my readers. It is also in your interest. If the article is written qualitatively, I will promote it via Social Media and eMail marketing. For now, but also in the long term. If it is interesting, readers will turn back to you and your site.
  7. Include an image in the article and give me a link to it. Assure yourself that this is a creative common license to have the right to use it. If you do not find a suitable one or do not know how to do this, we can search together one.

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