How much are the consumers interested into the product you promote?

interest repetitiveness ads

When you want to promote a new product, you should first find out, how big is the interest of your target consumers in the ad you will create.

If your target consumers are highly interested in your ads, a good idea might be to take care on the message you want to transmit to them. Because the more interested your consumers are the more they will be the curiosity in finding detailed information about your product. Usually, you should deliver objective information about the product.

On the other hand, if your target consumers are less interested in your ads, they will not be that critical in searching for relevant information, but they will guide their buying decisions by visual or acoustical criteria when they see the ads. In their buying decisions, they will only base on how much the ads touch them emotionally. Usually, emotions are evoked when we see pictures. Pictures have the advantage of creating a strong consumer experience because we remember them for a longer time period, they are more expressive to us compared to information and they raise our appetite for buying by making us more active. Emotion is processed directly, information is peripherally by those consumers, that means they are not primarily focused on information when buying a product.

So interest is one key factor worth to consider when you create ads, which should have an impact on your target consumers.

The secondary factor which is essential, if an ad has an impact or not, is the repetitiveness of an ad. But this will be discussed in the next post.

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