Basic Information you need to know to create Ads with impact

Basic information ads impact

Before you decide to plan an ad campaign the very first step is to formulate a goal, you want to achieve by running ads.

This goal should be measurable, concrete and realizable. Examples of goal categories can be found when you run Facebook Ads like raising awareness, encouraging consideration or improving conversion. The more familiarized you are with what you want to obtain, the higher the changes to improve sales, to improve the reviews for the product and to encourage people to buy.

If the content of your ads furthermore fulfills the following three criteria, they will have an impact on your target audience:

  1. Grab attention: this is the most important criterion because only if people remark your ad, their behavior can be influenced by it.
  2. Evoke emotions: this criterion is especially important if you promote a product within a saturated market.
  3. Give information: Inform people on the benefits they have, if they buy your product.

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