One method to stop smoking: Hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis

The hypnosis helps you to modify your behavior and to get rid of habits 

The hypnosis consists of a scenario, in which a series of exercises take place.

Through these exercises, there is a dialogue with the patient and a response to the patients`needs is found.

Hypnosis is the treatment, made “on the measure” of the patient, which differs according to one `s personality and everyone` s life story. For example, the patient wanted to smoke because it made one pleasure. You can explain that through smoking how it might live the experience of a resentment or pain in one `s throat or lungs.Another person has seen the tobacco as a release and it can be proposed to one to learn to detach without smoking or to experience tobacco as a form of anxiety or aggression.

Hypnosis treats helped by imagination and by this way it acts on its own on in reality. It is a unique therapy on its own.  Do you feel ready? The number of sessions (from 1 to 5) should be fixed together with your therapist.

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