5 keys to happiness proofed by science

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In a study, in which many thousands of participants participated, the researchers of the College of London have evidenced 5 big human qualities, which permit us to pursue the way to happiness.

What is happiness?

It is not essential to find a definition of it in one word. Even Saint-Augustin in the 4th century has found almost 300 different opinions on this topic! It is more interesting to ask yourself how you can attain this level of joy, of pleasure, of feeling good, less important to the name of it. But it is surely somebody is not happy by applying a magic recipe, but moreover, happiness develops in our inner qualities, which make us more human. Here we go:

1. Determination 

It is a position, which we have set for us and which we try to hold even if we face difficulties or adversities. Do not let yourself distracted: Stick to the things you believe in! And those will give us a sense, consistency, and coherence in our existence. This permits us to build a stable identity in time and also more peace. And going from here it is easier to go on a route.

2. Self – Control

Here is the question of controlling yourself, the capacity to accept your past with the moments of frustration and contrariety, to have the ability of not letting you seduced by solicitations, in which you enjoy an immediate gratification. To know to love all that you have, and not to possess everything you like; to enjoy the level in which you are without aspiring immediately to more.

3. Optimism

To know how to filter all real and imaginary threats. How to keep being optimistic?  It does not mean to believe naively that the future will be pink. But to be convinced that we are capable to adapt to all situations but more to search the more favorable. Optimism is a state of spirit, which pushes you to go on and to try after a failure to keep your rebound forces intact.

4. Emotional Stability 

To be emotional stable does not mean not to feel emotions or only positive emotions. It consists of accepting everything that comes over to you: sadness, joy, anger, hatred, love … Our environment continues to solicit our emotions, which finish by the induction of a fatigue and a psychic stress, less compatible with happiness.

5. To be aware of your acts 

The pleasure of letting you go by events is based on destiny. Those can conduct us finally in a way, which is not always in conformity with what we are. Make choices in full conscience even if sometimes appearance can make you mistake. Assume the responsibility and the consequences of your decisions. If I do not recognize myself as the person, who has taken the decision, I cannot assume this posture I go over my person and then I cannot be happy.

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