Price and Quality

Photo by:Abdullah AlBargan

The price reflects quality or quality has its price? Which expression from the two is really true? What do we think when we go shopping and search for a product we want to buy? We see it and its price – so how do we decide to buy a specific product and  say “I take this one”?

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The price is the essential criteria in buying decisions

Photo by: Powhusku

It is November and you cannot oversee it that Black Friday is coming closer. Since last week I have observed that the TV spots are running on the Black Friday offers – especially gadgets.

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The four instruments for successful marketing activities

Photo by: Franck Rouanet

It is particularly important to know which kind of marketing instruments you need to use. In the following classification you will gain some hints no matter if your interest is entrepreneurship, sales or advertising activities. So you can just pick out what you consider interesting for your field of activity.

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