The six keys to success

six keys success
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What does it mean to have a success?

A success means to have a good result obtained with a physical or intellectual effort.

Starting from this point Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer from Stanford University California has analyzed helped by his students the keys to success.  Therefore he has discovered six personal traits, which are the key to success for him, from power and performance to achieve a higher level.

  1. The first personal trait refers to energy and physical endurance.
  2. The second key to success is formed by four individual abilities like concentration, application, attention, perspective.
  3. The third key to success responds to the other`s sensibilities. When you know what others wish communication gets better and the capacity to tolerate conflicts is much better.
  4. The fourth key is found in individual flexibility.
  5. The fifth key is the capacity to master one`s own ego, to reevaluate from time to time the proud because the ego can be a dangerous enemy.
  6. Finally, the sixth key says that it is good to create alliances and network of friendships with other people from one`s environment.

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