When your ads do not work as they should, make them more emotionally!

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Creating Ads with impact is indeed a difficult task. Beside knowing detailed information about the target customers you want to address, and applying theories you might see that even if you follow all the rules, your ads will finally not work as you have imagined.

one of the reason might be that they do not touch your target customers emotionally. And therefore people just skip your ads without even observing them.

As it is transmitted in the Ad of Lavazza coffee (see in the picture) that if consumers drink a cup of coffee, they should feel like a royal person.

Why are emotions important?

Simply, emotions are strong motivators and direct our behavior in one direction or another. Therefore emotions determinate if an ad gets into our attention focus, it evokes our curiosity and finally if we decide to buy or not. We people filter every information first through an emotional filter and only, later on, we apply logic and rationality.

But how to generate emotions in your ads?

Make yourself first of all some thoughts on emotions you want to transmit via your ad:

  • Intensity: how much get people activated when they see your ad?
  • Direction: which kind of emotion is evoked – is it a positive or a negative emotion?
  • Quality: How can be the emotion described e.g. interest, joy, surprise…?
  • Clarity: Are people aware of the emotion you want to evoke through your ad?

After that: think about an emotional stimulus which you will present together with your brand name!

  • The emotional stimulus you choose should be very intensive and relevant to your target customers e.g. symbols of success, performance, youth, fitness…
  • You need to present stimulus and brand name always together and in the same way within your ad
  • Give them many repetitions

Consider the mood you want to bring your people in!

  • If you manage to bring people with your ad into a positive mood, they will remember also positive memories
  • They will also appraise information more positively
  • And therefore they will have a positive opinion about your product!

So now it is up to you how you will use this information in the creation of your next ad. Hopefully, you have got some new ideas here, you liked. If yes, please share them also with your friends on Social Media!

If you are interested in finding out more details about this topic, have a look at “Wirtschaftspsychologie” by Kirchler.



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