What Smileys can reveal about your personality!

Smileys Personality
Photo by: rawpixel.com

It is often said that the way we express ourselves tells a lot about us. Because the way we write or speak expresses what we think, feel and therefore this is a facette of our character.

When we communicate via modern technology, we usually tend to express in a short and quick manner, therefore we use abbreviations. But together with this condensed form of communication we also use Smileys to give our message an emotional touch, so that the receiver knows exactly what we intended to say.

But can receivers only by the way we use Smileys deduce how we are as persons? A team of Italien and Swedish scientists could also proof, that we use Smileys in conformity with our personality.

If you want to find out more about one`s personality trait, you can have a quick look at the following infographic:

So maybe the next time you text with someone you will give more attention to which Smileys you receive and you will get to know more information about the personality this person has.

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