How to improve your customer`s experience in three ways

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The customer is the most important information source on the market. In order to understand what he prefers, what obstacles he is confronting with or what he is missing you as enterpreneur should learn to put you in his shoes.

As an enterpreneur only so you can extract your information to be able to adapt your products as an enterprise and to remain long term on the market. Here are three key issues how to improve the customers` experience when they do their shopping.


1. Know your customers` shopping habits

When customers go shopping they face a large variety of products. They are not really interested to read all the labels with the small written content description of products. Customers have wether time nor energy or motivation to process the bulk of information which they are bombarded with at shopping. The majority decides for a product by the design of the packaging and the central big information written on it.


2. Make your customers`shopping more pleasurable

Where would you like to go shopping? Customers have nowadays the choice where to enter and do their shopping. There is no pressure anymore to go to a certain shop, because they can find almost everywhere what they need. So those do not only buy something because they need it, but also because they feel good in the place they decide to buy an article. Not only buying something counts but also in which condition this happens is probably more important.


3. Help your customers to take the right decision for them

You as entrepreneur can also make some improvements in the way you present your stuff to make sure customers are leaving your shop contently . At least it is in your own interest to please them, because in this way they might come again and again or also recommend your shop for friends. Because of the saturated product market customers feel overstrained by the offer. So it might be a good idea to think not to offer them too many choices, because this could create more confusion. (This is called the “Choice overload”, the “Overchoice” or “Tyranny of choice”-effect.) The more options they have, the less motivated they are to make a choice, they loose temper and decide for one product by chance, stick to the well-known product or in the worst case they leave the shop. Of course the different scenarios depend also on the personality of everyone. But why not helping them structuring the whole offer? A good hint might be to implement different categories for your offer and also to label this visually to your customers. In this way you could help them orienting much better.


Remember, make the best out of your customers` experience: “The customer is king” is a well-known proverb. So make him/her feel this way by creating shopping as entertaining as possible! You will have only to win.



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