We always learn to communicate and we still do not know how

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We communicate with each other. We also communicate on our side and try to believe that we have been understood on the other side as well. Many of us also think that they have also abilities in this sense. We cannot perceive thinking that we have said someting the other maybe understood the contrary of what we intended to say.

To be able to communicate and to make yourself understood on the other part of the barricade is what we actually wish. With different personalities we believe that we are right and pocess the supremacy.

To be able to transmit what you want to say and to make yourself understood is a big deal. Being able to say exactly what you have to say in a language everybody of us knows is very important. Communication can destroy relations of friendship, marriges and businesses. Created misunderstoods can result into big sinkholes our egos cannot pass. It is good to have a feedback from the other side that everything has been understood well, and that everything was what it needed to be.

By communication we make it to transmit what we wish from the person in front of us. We are not one but two now and we have to take this into account. We have to realize that when we are in a relationship of collaboration or friends we are not in a competition with the other part but take communication as an exchange of ideas and opinions.

We should learn to live and work together and to respect each other. There is no fight and no confrontation, no winner and looser. As long as we accept each other and we tolerate us even if it needs for a collaboration, then we need to adopt a group  expression and thinking. Even if the connections are durable or not the relation should be fair play. Otherwise relationships make no sense and you should make an advertisment at a certain moment. The person in front of you will react anyway and this would give both parties reasons to think about.


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