Firstly, learn to risk and then just do it!

Photo by: Noam A.

You should not risk uncontrolled. Firstly, learn to risk to get to know how to do this. Everything stays in having an idea so that taking risks is worth for and after that you need courage. The courage with whom you want to succeed is everything. Because only the most courageous people will succeed.

Nobody teaches us this. We do not learn the secrets of taking risks from nowhere and neither how to improve on this. The uncontrolled and controlled risk. In both cases you need a little luck. Sometimes the more you are focused on getting over a risk, the more you need that implication to really want to overcome this. The courage to confront risks.

We risk a lot. We risk a little, because we fear not loosing everything. We are always in a balancing act. In everything stays a risk. The adventure of getting known to it makes many of us to take decisions in order to come to the surface of limited situation. But in all risks we consider a little insanity makes the difference. The difference in which you bet everything, but everything on a game card. The card only you can play with. The card which makes the adrenaline rising in you to the highest point. To wait without breathing the answer you wish and the wish to win. To win everything by only betting on a card.

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