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It is above 3 years ago since I have started to write the very first article of this blog. During this period I learned a lot of wonderful things about blogging and site-building and I still keep learning. Because I have received numerous comments on the topic, how I created my site, I decided to share the insights of how I build my blog from scratch in this post.

  1. The technical part: The first step is to set up WordPress. Hereby you must decide, if you use a free hosting or a paid hosting and if you need a shared hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting. After that, you can download the WordPress software and install it. If you pay a host, the team will help you with the technical setup.
  2. Choose a suitable design of your Website: You want your site to look great. But why did you build your site? What do you want to obtain it? Should it be a blog? Or a shop? Or a membership site for a fitness business? I started simply with a blog in the field of personal development and added in time also business development. Knowing what you want to obtain will help you to find a suitable design for your Site. You can start with a free theme and if you are content you can buy in time the premium version. All available themes can be found under the “appearance” section in WordPress.
  3. Add Plugins that sustain your activity: At the beginning of my blogging journey I made the mistake to install a bunch of plugins and in time they became more and more. Think of plugins you really need – install them, try them out, if they work with your WordPress version and Theme, if you are content, keep them active, if you need some of them from time to time, switch them to “inactive” and if they do not work at all, delete them.
  4. Post regular content on your site: Be it articles, Videos or Podcasts – keep your content periodically fresh and attract by this way interested people to your site. Do not forget to optimize your posts for SEO, so that google posts your Website to the top. I recommend to post at least twice a week and to keep this periodicity in time.
  5. Audit your site once a month: Check your Website once a month or at least after a couple of months. Verify your site speed and if there are any bugs on how your site is displayed on different browers.

Hope that for those of you, who are at the beginning of blogging this article will give the first impulse to put things into rolling and to go live with your own blog/site. I know the first step is the hardest, but once you have started things will become much easier. Success!

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