Hints and selections to help you to find the tablet you like the most




Hints and selections to help you to find the tablet you like the most.

Destined assuming that using it unique multimedia, it has become good for everything. Here you find some criteria you should consider before buying a tablet.

The System of Exploration

Well known in the world of Smartphones, dominates the Exploration System Android (similar to Google) and IOS (available on Apple Mobile), you can have a third choice for a Windows Tablet (Microsoft). Consider that you wish to share your files easily and in exchange in some Systems the number of applications is limited.

The Screen

Give importance to the quality of the display if you love to watch movies, series or if you like to surf for hours on the Web. If you like to read a lot, take attention to the definition: The higher the number of pixels per inch, the more agreeable is your lecture.


The more tablets you have higher autonomy. A tablet has a maximal work duration of 10 hours if you use it on battery mode. And more days in a moderated use.

The Connections

Choose a tablet with a SIM reader, which you can transport everywhere. Therefore avoid being dependent on a WIFI from a public space. Finally, a permanent connection raises the chances to localize your tablet in case of being stolen.

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