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Rich, rich, rich…

Rich, rich, rich…

What importance has wealth for everyone of us? Does it help us to be rich in life in a positive or negative way? Are we emotionally satisfied? How would it be to feel like a rich man/woman? What does everyone of us understand by being rich? What perception would we have only by thinking that maybe the day of tomorrow would be without daily troubles and shortcomings?

Would we be confronted with that survival fight which we need to encounter every day? How would we feel only by thinking that we would be without troubles? Would we be capable to continue this thoughts or would we replace them with others?

How would it be for example “how would I behave with the possession of money?” Would I be also all by myself or would the situation change me? Perhaps I would action chaotically? Perhaps I would possess something that would not be mine? Perhaps I would feel guilty? Maybe a satisfaction?

Maybe a mix of all? Easy with a shadow of melancholy? Maybe at the end with a joy that so it was to happen? Do you really deserve to happen this all to you? And now in a new life how to behave? How to live? Maybe better? Maybe easy without troubles? Maybe financially satisfied?

Maybe “easy” all at a place? Confused but calm… At least from financial perspective.

I am curious about to know how would you feel if you were a rich person? Do you live in personal wealth? Please give a comment on this.

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